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Welcome to Behind the Bench with JoJo Platt

Hello Neurotech Friends and welcome to Behind The Bench With JoJo Platt,

My goal in its creation is to expand on the neurotech- relevant posts I have put out over the past years that have been met with your enthusiasm. I see Behind the Bench as an opportunity for us all to congregate, much as we do at conferences, on a more regular basis to share ideas, review what has been learned and what is churning in labs worldwide. I see it as a place to meet before launches and major events, so that when we are actually in the same room, we are armed with some knowledge but with even more questions, as our field continues to grow at such a rapid and exciting pace. I want Behind The Bench to be OUR voice, not simply one mixed in with the chorus of medtech.

In this light, I will be conducting interviews of worldwide leaders, writing feature stories about our industry past, present and future and, of course, continuing my feeds on Twitter and LinkedIn. I will also have a section of employment listings from academia and industry that I will quickly be able to post and update so that the job interviews can start almost as soon as a vacancy exists. I hope that the Archive section will be the start of an easily accessible history of neurotech for future scientists, researchers, and students. There will also be ample opportunity for sponsored content, as so much I learn derives from all of you. We can discuss any ideas you may have anytime, and I will be glad to make an onsite visit if your story requires such.

I ask you each to enjoy these complimentary first few editions of Behind The Bench. It will become subscription based, as I am a consultant and cannot devote the time and travel to make Behind The Bench the vital publication that our field needs and deserves without your support. Please subscribe at your preferred level of commitment. I promise that the monthly rate is cheaper than a martini in Vegas, and the content will last far longer.

Remember October is hitting us all quickly. Any help I can bring for Neuromodulation: The Science October 3-6 in Napa or SfN in Chicago, please let me know. These would be ideal times for sponsoring some content.

Thanks from Behind The Bench,


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