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Nevro – HF10 – Chronic Pain

Originally posted April 2018

Another great example of patients breaking anonymity to tell their stories and help others participate in ground-breaking trials.  Congrats to Nevro, pain sufferers everywhere and to Christeen for her contribution.

Posted by Nevro:

Christeen’s chronic leg and back pain had eliminated her ability to do the things she loved, such as snowmobiling, hiking and other outdoor activities in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she lives. In fact, her chronic pain ended up progressing to the point where she could no longer even go to the grocery store or play with her grandkids. After two spinal fusion surgeries, Christeen’s pain returned. While she understood the risks of taking opioids, Christeen began taking them to manage the debilitating pain. Christeen met with Dr. Scott Spendlove to discuss non-opioid options for pain relief and was subsequently scheduled for an HF10 trial. Within the first 24 hours of the trial, Christeen’s pain was alleviated by at least 70%. Christeen had her permanent HF10 implanted in November 2017. She is now happily reporting 80% pain relief, is pain-free the majority of the day and reports a significant reduction in medications. Christeen is able to shop, enjoy time at her cabin in the woods, walk at least a mile every day and perhaps most important – play with her grandkids!

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