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Neural and Electronics Engineers Needed ASAP

June 7, 2018

“Gimme your Neural and Electronics Engineers!” she said with guns drawn high. “I need a Medical Device Neural Engineer and an Electronics Engineering Associate. STAT!  And I ain’t leavin ’til I gettum.” DM me with inquiries – and please re-post.

email: jojoplatt@theplattassociates.com

Electronics Engineering Associate

Overview of research: Development of bioelectronics devices and neural interfaces.

Responsibilities: Job responsibilities include: electronics packaging and assembly, fabrication, testing and characterization of devices and electrodes, performing experimental physiological studies in collaboration with other laboratories, collecting, organizing, and documenting research data, assisting in dissemination of knowledge, overseeing use and servicing of research equipment, tools and instruments.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Degree, required (Master’s Degree preferred), experience in developing board level electronics (integrated circuits preferred), embedded systems design (microcontrollers and system on chip), familiarity with RF communications and wireless power transfer preferred, experience programming in python and C++.



  1. Neural Engineer – Masters in Engineering, Computer Science or Statistics + 3 years of experience required, Doctorate degree preferred

  2. Authored/co-authored research papers and/or scientific abstracts, required

  3. Experience with various signal processing and machine learning methods, required

  4. Strong programming skills

  5. Research experience in neurophysiology/neuroscience/animal surgery, preferred

  6. Knowledge of data analysis software (e.g. Matlab),

  7. Demonstrated expertise in embedded systems development or integrated circuit design

Job Description

The Bioelectronics and Biosensing Lab at the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine, headed by Assistant Professor Timir Datta PhD, focuses on the development of novel neuromodulation devices and sensors. The lab works in collaboration with other labs in the center to develop new technologies and interfaces for central and peripheral nerve targets. We are interested in developing new closed-loop technologies and therapies for immune system modulation and pharmaceutical drug replacement. The lab focuses on the development of board-level and integrated circuits for sensing of electrical and physiological signals and the development of novel electrical and chemical stimulation paradigms in both healthy and disease models. The ultimate goal is to develop autonomous closed-loop implantable neuromodulation devices for targeted control of biological functions.

A successful candidate will develop novel technologies for neuromodulation systems including wireless control, telemetry, and power transfer. The candidate will work with other lab members and center colleagues to design and participate in physiological experiments. They will work with other research staff to publish and disseminate knowledge in a timely manner. They will also work collaboratively with other investigators to facilitate their scientific research and training. Furthermore, they will participate in various types of institute and community activities and may apply for grant funding and/or patents as appropriate.

Job Responsibilities Include:

  1. Designs and develops neuromodulation devices.

  2. Performs bioelectronic medicine research.

  3. Collaborates with other research staff.

  4. Responsible for the planning, collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of research data related to one or more projects

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