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Gordon Research Conference – Bridging the Gap in Neuroelectronic Interfaces

Originally posted throughout the Gordon Research Conference in Galveston, TX March 25-30, 2018.  Chaired by Ulrich G. Hofmann and Jeffrey R. Capadona.  Thomas Stieglitz and Takashi DY Kozai served as co-chairs.



*So we all go to a lot of different conferences and we often see repeat presentations (not complaining, just stating a fact).  It was awesome to see Alex Huang’s presentation and refreshing new content.

*I call this one ‘Rushmore’ (as in the mountain, not ‘sic transit gloria’).  Thomas Stieglitz, Jack Judy, Robert Kirsch, Nitish Thakor.

*”God created the bulk, and the devil created the surface” -W. Pauli as quoted by Jurgen Ruhe in his talk ‘Tailor-made biointerfaces for implants to control cell adhesion and biofouling.’

*Walter Voit serves up ‘some fun appetizers’ at GRC.  ‘Softening Bioelectronics with High Mobility Thin Film Semiconductors’  He has lots of pretty pictures, but there is a strict ‘no photo’ policy.  Your loss paparazzi.

*Walter Voit gives a rare, but enthusiastic note of thanks to his undergrads.  UNDERGRADS!  How cool is that?  They got a full slide in a time-sensitive presentation.

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